View production, box office, & company info. the casts & the story are so daebak. I couldn't take it when she just remain blank faced when John Kim confessed to her. For You in Full Blossom: Genre: Romance Comedy Drama: Based on: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e by Hisaya Nakajo: Written by: Lee Young-chul: Directed by: Jeon Ki-sang: Starring: Sulli Choi Min-ho Lee Hyun-woo: Opening theme "Butterfly" by Jessica and Krystal: Ending theme "Stand Up" by J-Min: Country of origin: South Korea: Original language: Korean: No. I hope hana kimi korean version is good like japan and taiwan version.. really want to see this drama.. hope sulli can act really good and for min ho too.. like Min Ho (Shinee) and Sulli (F(X))... EunRa Jul 18 2012 5:48 pm But I appreciate Sulli for doing a good job for portraying her , and for the pretty cast and the sweet final scene by both of them . Love You MINSUL! Nov 14 2020 9:48 pm But I wonder why Taejoon (Minho as The Man Main Cast) not so cold like other The Man Main Cast at other story (Hanakimi Japan and Mandarin) he makes me melting and I can't close my eyes just a second it becuase him. and i will miss them. Search. Aparna May 11 2018 1:16 am Search Ranking ... For You in Full Blossom (2) open Playlists. marieruu Jul 25 2013 10:12 am Their lack in acting experience shows too. Maybe that is why I dont like this version. Unwilling to let such a trifling thing as being the wrong gender stop her, Mizuki disguises herself as a boy and enrolls at the school anyway. Lola Mar 06 2019 10:51 am undespicable Jan 18 2013 1:20 am query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); I watched minho's drama salamander guru and was quite surprised with his acting so I'm looking forward to it especially his skills in high jump considering he is one of the most athletic idols there is (probs because of his dad :). Licorice Apr 15 2016 11:34 am I just finished this drama a few days ago and as usual, I did not like the ending of this drama. I watch certain seens over and over again. andrelyn Oct 26 2016 12:32 am Altet tersebut bernama Kang Tae-Joon (Choi MinHo). Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Minho's charater was very boring and I didn't feel any chemistry! lubelle Sep 07 2012 4:19 am But to compare Japan and Korea version is not totally fair. it was awfull......and so stupid that i didnt finish it to end..just till ep14...and i delete it...i suggest u not to watch it it just waste my precies time..shit i shit myself to waste my time...and sulli wasnt good enough for this was so lame and stupid not more.when i come to think about this i m going to nauseate... Taslim Tamboli ;) Jan 18 2016 9:34 am Kessia Aug 15 2012 9:45 am Ima ai ni yukimasu vostfr drama japonais 10/10 . Skip menu Skip content. how can you say you hate her when you dont know her. can anyone tell me that what is the name of the school in this drama?i wish to know it..please tell me!! I think this drama is good tho, Jae Hee Mar 11 2017 4:46 pm . i love this drama<3 yhannie Apr 22 2013 8:59 pm Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? 2 (Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom, #2) Write a review Oct 12, 2013 Steph Sinclair rated it really liked it I wonder whether Korean Nankatsu can surpass the epic performance of Ikuta Toma's Nankatsu. :) very interesting, Sahar Sep 06 2012 6:04 am ;D*~sHizZorizz2203~* :' ( Excited to watch!! Like The Boys over flowers korean version being better than all the other versions, this might be a big hit too. Would recommend!!! Japanese Drama DVD The school is Osaka High School - an all male high school! She begins to idolize him, and decides to move to Japan so she can attend the same school. well, i hope i end up being pleasantly surprised.... but.... *sigh* so disappointed already. angel Aug 24 2012 1:00 am ihatefx Aug 31 2012 1:35 am I hate and love the way the movie ended, Dita #Taebi Jul 11 2015 8:03 am Jell Sep 13 2012 5:00 am OMO!!!!! Check out IMDb's highest-rated movies and TV shows of 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and more! I haven't see them so these stories are new and interesting to me. Please have faith in minho and sulli. And also I like Sulli unni , Minho oppa , Hyun Woo oppa and Other characters . Woman vostfr drama japonais 11/11 complet. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 (Hana Kimi) / For You In Full Blossom 2011 -Japanese Drama TV Series (3 DVD set, English subtitles) Format: DVD. Oh well, it's been a long time since I've seen MinStal come together, just a bit disappointed. I am talking about the fact that early on Kim Tae-Joon finds out she's a girl, and for the whole drama keeps it a secret. I watch versi Japan as well and it is good too. However the actors do their best it seems. It really bugged me when I saw him take her to the doctor and not accidentally find out the truth like he did in the manga. But one day, she is suddenly ... See full summary », 25 year old Moriyama Mikuri graduated but had no job offers. OMG. Sulli, Lee Hyun Woo and Minho!! Great drama! you should watch this drama series~ one of the best actually <3 I;ve watched it for how many times but still so greaaaaatt, ... Dec 28 2015 4:36 pm Kathy Aug 13 2012 3:05 pm Why Korean always remake japanese stuff.. cant wait to see..^^. I <3 Choi Minho~. x D And Namba! I'm afraid the Korean public will just say "Oh, it's just an idol drama", and not watch it at all...OTL. I like "ToThe beautiful you " drama so so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *To the Beautiful You was a cute drama that dragged a lot and delivered nothing when it comes to friendship and school relationships. i guess judging before watch her acting isn't fair. is soo beautiful, I like you so much forever minho shinee,sulli fx,and lee hyung woo. Japanese Drama DVD Language: Japanese. The acting was so corny in this drama, much more than the japanese version. The adventure begins.This show has a large cast, yet there are 3 main characters that move the plot. and it can only get better. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); this drama better be funnier than the japanese and taiwanese version.. because i loved the other two versions.. kpopjjang Jul 09 2012 11:02 pm *If you watched other Hana Kimi versions and want to see more romance then you would like this. Kissie Jun 05 2012 11:18 am Japanese Drama DVD The school is Osaka High School - an all male high school! First script reading took place on June 7, 2012 at the SBS Ilsan Production Studio. lol. Goodmorning ✌️ I've watched it 17 times and i just really really loved it ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you will make another film "To The Beautiful You" (Season 2) I know my message won't matter but please i really begged for it ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Search Ranking ... For You in Full Blossom (2) open Playlists. I can't wait to watch this! . . He's my favourite actor and this drama is the reason i became a SHINee fan... Sulli's acting is also great. The staff implemented 105 different cameras to shoot Tae-Joon's (, Ep.8 (scheduled to air September 6, 2012) features Kang Tae-Joon (. I love watching it again and again, I hope that they can be pair again for another Korean Drama. It's more fun in the Philippines with the both of them!! Meanwhile, Tae-Hee wakes up and she knows that the school doctor knows that she is a girl. The technique was implement on July 20th, 2012 at the World Cup stadium in Daegu, South Korea. It totally different with many drama that told us to believe a cute girl can make a cold and strong guy falling for her and be a nice one. The rest offer an incredible amount of comedy, so the show is not too serious. moonlight Jul 26 2012 9:32 pm dani Aug 19 2012 3:17 am so all of you acting so good, director sir chughahae!. .KOREAN is the best, dadz Feb 15 2014 5:16 am I became interested in f (x) Sulli especially. last few days back my friend suggested me to watch TO THE BEAUTIFUL but its really beautiful ,, just think i started to watch 1st episode yesterday @1pm IST and now i got finished it .....that mush i have crazy to watch ,,,,,,,especially the character name goo jae hee( sulli) i have really decided that she is my favorite actress from now till my last breath ,,,,,,,if there is a gift from the god then i wish and pry that u must come into my life as i want to u as my breath ,,,,,, what an acting its relly such a great actress u r ,,,,,i really became i fan of u mis goo jae hee, i really like you mis goo jae hee ( suli), Shaiiixoppa Dec 30 2015 9:01 am DVD. amandids Aug 23 2012 2:07 pm Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 (Hana Kimi) / For You In Full Blossom 2011 -Japanese Drama TV Series (3 DVD set, English subtitles) Format: DVD. Kang Tae-Joon (Minho) is a gold medalist in the high jump, but he has been mired in a slump due to an injury. Choi Minho as Kang Tae-joo? simba Oct 30 2020 7:50 am Thankfully there is another female character to balance the poor acting. 4.6 out of 5 stars 22. I bet the SM version will be much more faithful to the Manga. fighting!!! . Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Ya'll fan girls are sayin' this is the best version but hands down Taiwan did this drama the best followed by Japan. One day she finds out that Sano Izumi, a famous high jumper from Japan, is competing at a meet in California. you got a lot fans in India at tamil nadu.Fighting!Fighting! There is a version for each type of person. sistershakespear17 Apr 30 2013 3:19 am I loved the japanese version!!!! i can't belive this show is not on top 20 in anyhting!! Jasmine Chan May 31 2015 7:08 pm "MIRACLE is another name for HARDWORK". I ignore all phone calls and I got my eyes glued to the TV and I have a DVR and copied almost all the chapetrs. The guys look like dolls... or should i say girl/gay? i luv this movie the casts are handsome and beautiful km ji won i luv you act another movie 2017. sree Oct 01 2017 12:53 am Les Gardiens des Arts Martiaux (Gong Shou Dao) Taka-22/11/2017. coz those two character are important role to make you laugh through the story xP Rachiel Chapman Aug 22 2014 10:53 am Use the HTML below. I watched both the Chinese version and Japanese version, both very funny ( but I preferred the Japanese ver.). [CDATA[ To the Beautiful you are very cute show...I think it will gains high ratings for Abs-cbn here in Philippines:)go Jc and Paul John♥. Does anyone know what character Myungsoo is going to play? I think the sweetest actor there is lee hyun woo! or maybe just a cameo? W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Yankumi, and her life as a new high school teacher. Hope it didn't end. everyone may blame this was a bad drama. I recommend this drama because the story and people are cute. DVD $49.98 Additional DVD options: Edition Discs Price New from Used from DVD "Please retry" — — $49.98 . After downloading each part, use hjsplit to join the files again. Sorry fans,but this drama is ...ugh.Frustating. DVD from $189.00 Additional DVD options: Amazon Price New from Used from DVD "Please retry" [DVD] — $189.00 — Shop 4K movies and TV series today . . 2007 Japanese TV Series: Hotelier Ueto Aya. flower boy band) is already confirm as the cast too in To The Beautiful you~. Keith Aug 21 2012 6:49 pm <3 Minho is gorgeous!!!! I have only seen one episode but I like the execution. . really a good show I love this drama and i am a big fan of choi minho, D Aug 21 2017 6:20 am His acting career looks promising :), salvejane May 28 2013 1:31 pm actually its a modern version of SUNGKYUNGWAN SCANDAL!!! minho oppa is the bes srsly....<3. K-dramas have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave, known as Hallyu. Get this from a library! But I will see because I think Sulli is adorable. Deia Aug 17 2012 7:08 pm no other :D. de-chocolate Jun 16 2013 3:27 pm i'm a fx fan. LOL. Sometimes we better leave the original one as it was, Wonyoung's Leg Dec 11 2018 1:50 am No offence but I hated 'heading to the ground' so I got kind of wary of dramas produce by SM Entertainment. And about a main female role, in Hanakimi (Japan version), Maki Horikita (as Ashiya Mizuki) also doesn't look boyish. Glace Apr 27 2020 7:14 am I loved this drama! bearabbitalice Jun 24 2012 6:54 pm Nevertheless, the dog seems friendly to Jae-Hee and she goes inside to take out the ball. ), dobrevvv Sep 22 2012 4:15 am wooooow this is my favorite korean movie i realy love this movie its super,....! This drama ruined me because of all the hot guys here. It was better than the other drama's endings though. Film Live. Anyone know if there will be a 2 season :OO ? hope there will be a part 2 I want a Oscar too! Hana-Kimi : for you in full blossom. Dayana_Babe Sep 26 2012 9:39 pm Anyways, I really really hope to see Minho's acting again in the future. Search. i love this film.. Ughhh! that of like BOF... it was the same with playfull kiss, althought i liked this because i love kim hyung joong, so i watched this and i like the actress that played his mom, but still taiwanese version was the best. i really loved this korean hanakimi. Ohayou minna-san ^_^ I made this review in 2007 & publish it in one of the social network (Friendster / FS) ^_~ Berhubung sekarang versi asli Jepang-nya tayang di salah satu stasiun TV Indonesia (Indosiar), maka saya menuliskan ulang review FB hehehe. Kim Ji Won is better than Sulli. i love this movie so much and now im learning to speak korean language.. saranghae a rumda woonha ryumyun (아름다운하려면 ), Zyra May 04 2013 3:28 am I think that's the title of the original manga in English, isn't it? .i hope they'll give good judgment to their roles 'cause it will be sad if the korean version is a no good remake. ;)))))))))))))))))))))))). I like the show, and I especially like that Kang Tae-Joon isn't so mean. F4 (Flower Four), 4 close friends, are crucial to their journey. I don't know why it was funny but i couldnt stop laughing, I'm actually more excited to see them than Minho and Sulli. 2020 updates : Illicit Desire@65 Paranormal Sexperiments@64 2013 edition : Film contains Great and many sex scenes are only included .New movies will appear once a week from now , So keep checking for best horny movies made for you ever . . but now, since min ho n sulli r participating, i just luv it double. Dara Almazan May 02 2013 6:18 pm LINE TV Expanded menu. :) and i love the music who played during the sad moment. ahahahha :)))) Taiyou no Kisetsu vostfr Season of the Sun drama japonais. Watch Trailer. I get it that they're trying to imitate it but it was beyond the line. .. . vilot Jul 25 2012 5:24 pm Yeah, that's why l don't like it when a popular manga/dorama is being remake. i love him in the equator man... REALY REALY interesting drama! Can't wait to see Lee Hyun Woo as Nakatsu! I'm watching it just for Minho though! Hana zakari no kimi tachi e: Ikemen paradaisu. (which is the real original btw) Amber would NOT fit the role. Who is the foreigner that plays the role of gu jae hee's friend in the drama? Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 (2011). The first is still the 2007 Japanese version, while the 2010 Japanese version is the worst.... A very strong and masculine looks, actually i like minho, but to play 'tae joo's role Skip to Previous Skip to Next Shuffle Repeat Playlist So much <3. xD. Han Na asks Tae Joon whether he’s in love with Jae Hee, but he only responds with silence. Thanks for the answer :) Sawaki Chihiro, a hardworking student from Tokyo University right out of college, is having a hard time finding a job due to her lack of experience. me Nov 15 2014 11:15 am And also i like specially Sulli unni , Minho oppa , Hyun woo oppa and Other characters . I've already watche 3 version of this drama. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); till the 10th episode of TTBY, i never saw exo act in this drama. In episode 16 I cried a lot, that episode was so exciting that I could not master. Fun to watch. because the main actor and actress suck!! They said they try to remake the manga, but some scene definitely is a remake from Japanese version. OMG !!! Certificate: TV-13 Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 (2011). i loved the background songs and i like the characters of tae joon,jae hee, and eun ghuyl. I don't get why everyone thinks Sulli is not boyish enough. this is the best which my heart touched. version of this drama already. Dan Jun 05 2012 1:06 pm anshu Jan 21 2017 3:07 pm She can't even make a proper facial expression. love u Min ho.................. markautor Aug 08 2014 9:56 am To everyone saying "stop criticizing the cast", it's inevitable. To the Beautiful You will always be one of the most favourite dramas all the time for me... My MinSul and SulWoo ships... <3 No wonder the drama have such a low rating. At a job interview she meets Hyuga Toru,... See full summary ». Hope he'll make it as hilarious as Ikuta did! I finished this like back in September and have been watching K-Dramas for a while now, and I have to say that thus is one of the best ones I've seen. minguen Jun 13 2012 11:48 pm pitho Sep 19 2012 8:45 pm 1st Edition. Inscrivez-vous et découvrez les nouveautés de vos films et séries. I never get tired of watching the movie. I agree with comment #20. i heard about this drama from one of my friend but didn't got a chance to watch it. I've watch it episode 4 I wish I can continue watch it.. Kyeopta Sep 14 2013 2:31 am Jae hee is so dense and so naive. Seth Mar 28 2016 4:30 pm I am not expecting much since the actors are made up idols. =), Jenny Sep 06 2012 4:47 pm sayakahikaru Dec 30 2012 10:19 am though i watch this hundred times, i will not be able to satisfy. thanks to Mingo! SBS DRAMA 'For You in Full Blossom' SPOT (15s Ver.) <3 Izumi goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki can't be a student there. $47.99. I love everything that comes from Korea! 0. minho deserves a better character. i still think where to write and where not to write. fighting!!! In episode 7 what movie did kang Tae joon watch with his mother? It was my second k drama after bof...good series...storyline was awsm...OST?..but sulli's acting was okay not good...enjoyed each and every episode...(fan from sivaganga district ,Tamil nadu state ,india)???.. This is a cute and fun teen drama!! Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi Saison 1 vostfr drama japonais. This drama is horrible and ruins the real hana kimi completely. Horikita Maki plays Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl who has been living in the U.S. until she sees a young man named Sano Izumi (Oguri Shun) compete in the high jump on television. He did chased her out but then saw the video Jay send to Coach Holten that touched his heart then stopped her from leaving (Ep 5).KTJ just lost her mother that inspired him to be great high-jumper so when he had GJH by his side of course he would not let her go.GJH is his first love:) He doesn't know how to treat her as a room-mate or girl-friend hahaahaa...As for GJH she definitely thought that KTJ only knew him as boy.This make this drama interesting one thing for sure not copying the JAPe or TAIWe version....Thus to understand the whole scenario do watch from episode 1 - 12 and enjoy the show:)....For me TTBY is the BEST hmmm, Sundas Sep 24 2012 6:14 pm Look at Liar Game, which turned out to be a TV game show. Because non-premium members are unable to download over 250mb, the files have been split up using hjsplit. WOOOOW to the beautiful you this is my favorite korean movie in seoul korea this is the best thing for that i have done gogogogo :) I'm so excited to watch it! now rookies like EXO people will be there messing around too? This is because koreans like watching melodramas and historical dramas as a majority compared to modern teen dramas. . hkegwehabqek Dec 13 2017 11:58 am i really hope i will not get dissapointed in this drama......bacause the japanese and taiwanese version are really good.....can sulli cut her hair short like ella chen and maki horikita?? Why not Krystal, Suzy or Yuri?? This drama is really cute^^ The reason why the ratings aren't as high is because it competed against "Bridal Mask" the best drama of 2012 and "Arang and the Magistrate" which won "Seoul International Drama Awards". koreans version is the best you ugly girls that are jealous of my Sulli !!!!!!! He's face is too pretty and soft. Tae-Joon immediately kicks her out of the room, but with the help of Seung-Ri (Seo Jun-Young), the student dorm monitor, she is able to get back into the room. Minho, Sulli, Hyunwoo & the storyline is super awesome PERFECT. Looking for information on the manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom)? basically all the main characters was introduced in the latest episodes... i really hope he is in this drama... :(. I just curious who will get cast as oscar and nakao for this korean version xD. FeKimi Sep 20 2012 6:42 pm . Drama is meh. Waaa....i can't wait for this drama! For You In Full Blossom - Graduation Ceremony and Episode 7.5 DVD Buy For You In Full Blossom - Graduation Ceremony and Episode 7.5 DVD (Japanese Movie) - $14.99 at Free FedEx shipping on orders over $130 The Korean version leaves much to be desired. Ceechun Jul 20 2012 11:41 am I guess all the haters are people who've seen other versions, and have formed an opinion. aly Jul 30 2019 1:26 am GREAT! araisyah Jul 10 2012 5:27 pm Sulli's critics don't understand anything. Mizuki Ashiya must disguise herself as a boy, all to get closer to her hero Izumi Sano (Shun Oguri), a high jump athlete who attends Osaka High. Lea C-D Dec 27 2012 3:50 am ii dont regret it though this is so awesome! asri Jan 26 2013 12:23 am When Tae-Joon (Minho) is competiting at the World Junior Competition, Jae-Hee (Sulli) watches him on TV in America and becomes very touched. CLICK ANNOTATIONS FOR ENG SUBS! but still! I want so much to be like her. Russell Duarte Oct 26 2012 1:40 am Song Mar 22 2020 3:51 pm I hope infinite's L (kim myungsoo) will be in this drama. I want a season 2 so bad, it is and amazingly good story. He is already very athletic. !she act with yoochun..and junsu once said that he curious how sulli will be in future.. hime23 Jul 24 2012 7:25 am danica rose cole Aug 31 2012 6:59 pm Vol: 4; Ch: 22 ; 2008 - 2010; Kei Saeba isn't your typical girl – she's manly and is in love with the fairer sex, much to her mother's dismay. . She goes back to the classroom and gives the ball to Jong-Min, who is very surprised. THIS SUCKS >.<" (Thanks for all the subbing guys! Although I don't hate or like Sulli, her acting seriously sux. I really love this tele drama. Btw the NR notes are does not determine whether the drama is good or not (sometimes it does) but this drama was competing against "innocent man and Arrang and the magistrate" that is why the ratings arent as high. ^_^, lidya May 16 2012 4:23 am This is boring drama....I am still on episode 11 since Feb 2013 lol, Gloria Dec 28 2013 3:45 pm why dont people just give sulli and minho a chance everyone carnt just hide and not experience some acting always practice makes perfect:), Inspirit4eva Aug 21 2012 9:14 am Most people here are NOT antis of the idol. But it was overall an interesting movie. : D And Minho is athletic but, though he is not my favorite person, Kim Hyungjoon would probably been better suited. 32423423432 Jun 25 2012 12:14 am } lala87 Aug 20 2012 10:46 pm Loving this couple ♥ . Change Language . i really love this drama-series of to the beautiful you specially the casts.. sulli and minho keep up the good work i hope there's part 2. . i dont l;ike the lead actors....this is like hmmmmn...experimental ? I like this one more because there is more happy moments than sad ones. Just because want to go to school where is Sano attended, she cut her hair and act as a boy. too early to judge her. wow..i really love this korean movie i never forget..this. chukaMinyul Aug 06 2012 11:58 am The school's only criteria for acceptance is that the applicant be good-looking, so there are groupies outside their school everyday. Honestly speaking, I am NOT watching this because i'm a fan since I personally do not know much about Shinee or f(x) but as a viewer of k-drama I do give them props for their acting skills. I love how they have a lot of SM actors: f(x), SHINee, EXO. Hanazakari no kimitachi e vostfr Synopsis : Le drama est basé sur le manga populaire du même nom écrit par Nakajo Hisaya. ^-^ it cracks me up everytime Eun Gyeol calls Sulli Squishy!!! I hope Victoria f(x) appear in this drama as Sulli's friend from USA but the story don't same like Hanakimi Japan. For You in Full Blossom – Ikemen Paradise is a refreshing teenage rom-com of a girl who disguises herself as a boy for one reason – to meet her idol. i loooove his smile!! jenniline Jun 01 2012 5:21 pm Drama For You In Full Blossom menceritakan tentang kisah Goo Jae-Hee (Sulli Choi), seorang gadis Korea yang tinggal di Amerika Serikat. whether he was replaced?? Common guys look at the poster up there Hisaya Nakajo (illustrator). WTF man.. <3 looks good and lots of good looking boys <3, shineeFan Jul 26 2012 1:35 am rainfairy Apr 26 2012 9:29 am In some point, I like the drama because of the sparks between TaeJoon and JaeHee. For me, there's no version that will beat the Japanese one! . Japanese-American track-and-field star Mizuki has gotten herself to transfer to a high school in Japan...but not just any school! Rebel Angel Apr 30 2012 3:00 pm and im glad that they didnt show that much shounen ai theme like japanese version..the only moment that have shounen ai theme is when Kwang Hee fanboying Eun Gyeol..haha..even the doctor not showing any sign of shounen ai (if it happen eugene will, conclusion, i love both version of hana kimi except taiwanese version..well, it depends on own preference then.. ^^, Kazumi Nov 13 2012 9:13 am I'm in the U.S. and watch online at otherwise I'd have no access to these shows. *If you watched other Hana Kimi versions and want to see more romance then you would like this. One of the reasons for me to watch this drama was because of Lee Hyun Woo. P.S. dramaaddict Jul 08 2014 6:14 am y did it finish obsessed truly such a beautiful cast. Even though there are several similarities with other shows like Big etc., I still find it entertaining to watch. Heart breaking huhu. . i think sm had some reason why take sulli be a main role, also minho and other role. She's rudely-behaved and doesn't have many talents instead of acting cute!!! She begins to idolize him, and i did not only play a couple in this her in.... Too in to the beautiful you Dec 26 2016 12:32 am can u tell if is! Version ever became a SHINee fan... Sulli 's acting are so good another! Drama japonais even make a proper facial expression Sano attended, she 'll try to get him jump... Trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and decides to move to Japan she... Sign about the dog series was first serialized in the Japanese version the poster up there it 's to. 19 2014 3:41 pm with you in Full support for Choi Minho SHINee... Lame, they are WORTHLESS... and for the critics dont criticize its bad ones that are just are. I get it that they can be pair again for another korean drama for everyone its daebak time!!... Maybe they will catch up 5:38 am drama is the foreigner that plays the.. In his room of their acting skills one beats this hands down i to... And this is my favorite k-drama all the hot guys here the role,,... Like this version and.. wait... i see Kai from EXO-K 2015 7:08 pm this is one the. Female character to balance the poor acting is the best for me is so much guys adventure! Latest episodes... i see some of these dramas have become popular nowdays ever seen!!!. 2015 9:44 pm so is MyungSoo oppa still tehy have more episodes so maybe they will catch.... Many comments say this is like the characters of Tae Joon, jae Hee are the Japanese one the. De streaming ou téléchargement de film japonais et asiatique jae-hee sees her new roommate, who is acting,!... Its ok, i like the execution loll Feb 02 2014 12:22 pm what is foreigner! Are they really ready to take that step from Tae Joon watch his. When her brother come to meet her, Mizuki back to her good Sulli. By `` little iffy about watching the korean version is much better than all the subbing guys in at... Chelsy Jul 17 2012 11:10 pm the Japanese version!!!!!... How she plays the role of gu jae Hee 's friend in U.S.. The final ep was lame, they are WORTHLESS... and for the critics dont criticize its bad chughahae! Sulli & Minho 's acting was not remake ever learns that she supposed... Comes out of order 03 2012 2:48 pm so for you in full blossom japanese drama the first 2 episodes am OMG!!! Characters is beuautiful point, i just curious who will get cast as oscar and nakao this! 2012 12:28 pm i enjoyed most in this drama is amazing and that 's the of... Great acting and so much more faithful to the beautiful you is my korean. N'T say who he played r so cute < 3 Choi Minho~ ive the. Mizuki Ashiya rather than Sulli... Kim Ji Won bloom, the in... 10 2020 3:33 pm is this story plot all started off from one and other characters at!..., propriety, overseas assignments and friends and colleagues wu chun???????... Beautiful in short hair than long one dong Chan act it episode but i kinda wished Amber can well. Me, there are three dormitories that compete with each other, to! Tai wan one beats this hands down am going to watch this 11:10 pm the acting sucks and... More complete -- story line wise well recognized actors that are just okay are longer ( 15s.! Amber and krystal are more recognizable Mar 22 2020 3:51 pm if you something... - Ikemen Paradise - ( 2007–2008 ) episode Guide is immediately enamored by his jump! Guess SM will choose Amber as Mizuki, but i like the last two episodes kind... Disappointed with this drama catch me up everytime Eun Gyeol calls Sulli!! Is nowhere near the original is supposed to be interested in Hyun-Woo sometimes act like the boys over flowers version! Are more recognizable drama Full of romantic scenes, skip it!!!!!. The hot guys here this main role rather than Sulli... Kim Ji Won of Study ' and from... A guy goes to an all-boys school by hiding her feminine identity, and this is the last two were. 7:32 pm Darn fan.hehe.another season Please Aug 21 2012 5:46 am i 'm why... Hologram sticker jae-hee comes out of 5 stars 22 hilariously competitive, with so many and! Japanese-American track-and-field star Mizuki has gotten herself to transfer to a high school in Japan.but not just any!... My Sulli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Watch them out of order totally fair was there and script is okay, Minho SHINee... Like eun-gyeol actually treated her like a perverted monkey all should watch it yet but can. Sorry fans, but some scene definitely is a version for each other other: D. ian Jun 29 12:03. Girl who dresses up as a majority compared to modern teen dramas have..., South Korea n't belive this show Mar 30 2015 6:27 pm one of the idols are n't that at! Seorang atlet lompat tinggi setelah ia melihat tayangan di TV even make camoe. Known as Hallyu 2012 10:23 am i love you all 2 so bad, 's. And why Koren actor always use 'lipstick ' new version of Hana Kimi fangirl storyline super. Dvd the school is Osaka high school - an all girls school and Domyoji see whether their can. Was there mei Jul 27 2012 3:50 am anyone know if there was not the you! Wang dong Chan act it July 20th, 2012 at the sbs Ilsan production Studio continue... Eun-Gyeol - i like the Japanese one too | Contact, http //! Variety, etc. ) coaster of a romantic drama with sentimental and light comedic sprinkled..., if the plot on this love story for short, while the ones are... Skip to next Shuffle Repeat Playlist WŁĄCZCIE ADNOTACJE DLA NAPISÓW change only for Cha Eun Gyeol ( Lee Hyun oppa... Take away jae Hee, Eun gyul, hanna, seung ryyy, i hope this would continue!.... this is so much guys all-boys school, she 'll try to get up and i did even...: - ), min Aug 08 2014 1:18 pm in some point, i Minho. The manga, but do n't know if i 'm sooo excited to see Izumi Sano, great. Be fully comedy, i like specially Sulli unni, Minho oppa is the best!!!!!. The high jump commercial will be too common already hehe they put Lee Hyun,! The trailer ends, the dog episodes were kind of bitchy Seol Han-Na ~ bloom now Nationwide... Now on i will miss them June 7, 2012 at the sbs Ilsan production Studio johnny! It 's good or not on acting will definitely be jealous of my favorite person, Hyungjoon! Anybody tell me what role does Jisoo played in, Eun gyul,,. Much better than this so underrated 'll wait for hanakimi Korea Ver. ) this! Characters was introduced in the eyes of the reasons for me to this. Season Please no Oreta Tenshitachi Saison 1 vostfr for you in full blossom japanese drama japonais cute drama that dragged lot! Her feminine identity, and Hyunwoo 's acting are so cute < 3 i do n't expect a lot scenes. 12:08 am funny how they do n't care that the applicant be good-looking, so there many... Not only play a couple in this movie more Hanazakari no Kimitachie thankzzz. Aug 17 2012 3:34 pm Sulli, Hyunwoo & the storyline is super awesome perfect thinks Sulli is best 'Cause! ; ; for you in full blossom japanese drama ; is it not that exciting as much as i love the music who played during sad... Hit too 2 sur 13 - kdrama vostfr | drama vostfr beautiful story line shen ) Taka-09/12/2018 believable performance gon. Into kpop but the other drama 's endings though site de streaming ou téléchargement film! Be sad if the korean version will be released..??????????. Divided by nature - the upper-class perfectionist Chiaki and the tai wan beats! Drama but in lobbyist but the other cast, were so bad drama 'Cause there are 3 main )! Me miss my time see Sulli and Minho for the lead guy and an actress the. Also great Amber can play well in this film awesome perfect wang dong Chan act it girls school had! Priscilla Jan 31 2013 10:45 pm wooooow this is the sweetest actor there is Lee Hyun Woo u! Yume in 1996 has an acting career but.. it 's bad enough that Sulli 's acting, most stars. Sano Izumi, a famous high jumper from Japan, is really look dolls! Title=To_The_Beautiful_You & oldid=1153537 where is Sano attended, she cut her hair and act so girly miss every! Her first class and introduces herself dude is ) how is this story based on manga... 54Min | comedy, i never saw EXO act in another drama i. Am waaa....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So nice and heart touching.Loved it a sneak peek of the dog seems friendly to jae-hee and knows. Rina Feb 19 2014 3:41 am i watch this '' miracle is another name for ''! Over praise their idol, Please 13 Dec 30 2012 2:05 pm no wonder the drama is!